Purgatory, Gustave Dore. 

Robert Plant on stage in California, 1975. Photo by Jeffrey Mayer.




Major Arcana Series: XIV Temperance
"Dances with Death"

Earth - Another Hell. on We Heart It -
No fim não há quem não decepcione você.
- Charles Bukowski. (via dsejos)

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My addiction is art. Everyday I am desperate for a fix. One more hit. One more trip where my answers can be deciphered, where my visions can be heightened. Me, pilgrim, prophet, politician, poet…spiritual archeologist. Digging deeper and deeper for the boney remains. I need it. My religion of affliction. To survive. to remain alive. it’s ok, it’s just fine. I’m not hurting anyone (really) it’s just what I need to do to get by.
- Otep Shamaya, from My Lover  (via mirroir)

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Gaetano Previati, Women Smoking Hashish